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March 12, 2002 - Mini Guppy Turbine In Flight! After previewing the film footage rescued by the Camarillo CAF, we decided to start with two clips which we thought were the most interesting, and the most historically significant. The first film clip is air to air footage of the 377MGT's ferry flight to Edwards Air Force Base for flight testing. This film footage features many different clips of the 377MGT in flight and concludes with the landing and roll-out at Edwards AFB. This may be the only film of the Mini Guppy Turbine left in existence. You can see this footage in the newly added video section on the 377MGT page. We've also added a short clip found on a reel of film about the Pregnant Guppy that offers a unique perspective of how the cargo was loaded into the Pregnant Guppy. This clip features time-lapse photography of the loading of the S-2 Saturn V second stage on to the Pregnant Guppy. The cameraman compressed several hours of loading and reassembly of the Pregnant Guppy into about a minute and a half. Stop by the Pregnant Guppy page and visit the Video section to view this video.

March 7, 2002 - Aero Spacelines' History Rescued!
Thanks to the foresight of the good folks at the Camarillo Wing of the CAF (Commemorative Air Force), one of the most unique parts of aviation history was saved from the Dewey Dumpster! Due to the forced closing of the Santa Barbara Air & Space Museum, they could no longer store the many exibihits in their possesion. The caretakers called the Camarillo CAF and explained that if the CAF didn't pick up the contents of the museum, they would be forced to throw it all away. The CAF, riding a semi-tractor trailer to the rescue, picked up the museum's artifacts, lock stock and barrell. Through another fortunate turn of events, we were offered the ASI exibihit in it's entirety. Also saved from the trash were nearly all of the newspaper articles and clippings, many press releases, lots of photos and... ASI movies of the Pregnant Guppy, NASA Super Guppy, Mini Guppy and air-to-air footage shot during the tuft testing of the SGT!! Is that cool or what?!

July 6, 2001 New Home - New Address!
Due to being bought by a company called who was then bought by, we've been forced to seek a new, more permanent home. We suppose it was time to finally join the dot-com revolution, so maybe this is a good thing. Please update your bookmarks - favorites with our new address. You'll also notice some changes around here, some of which have happened with the move... Like our new easier to understand navigation bar on the left. How do you like it? We have some more updates planned for the very near future, so stop back soon!

April 1, 2001 Super-sonic Super Guppy!
NASA has just released this photo of the Super Guppy in transonic flight. Most people didn't think it was possible (including us, your editors). This is just a part of NASA's effort to speed the shipments of the International Space Station components as quickly as possible to their final destination... Space! Oh, and by the way... April Fool's!! (You knew that, right?) We've added a new page which we will keep online during the month of April for your viewing pleasure - Guppy Humor. Click here to view humorous images that our readers have sent to us!

February 28, 2001 JATO-Guppy! Pregnant Guppy performing a JATO-assisted take-off! These tests were done at Santa Barbara airport in 1968. Click here to go directly to the 377PG Pregnant Guppy page. But, before you go, we've also added a follow-up to December's update... The right side pf the Mini now reads ''Tillamook Air Museum'', but what's on the other side? Visit the 377MG Mini Guppy find out! And check out the museum's efforts to keep the Mini from flying! And, we've recently obtained photos of the CL-44-O Skymonster (CL-44 Guppy) during its years with Flying Tiger Lines. Don't miss the CL-44-O Skymonster page!

December 20, 2000 "This Space For Rent!" :-)
The Mini Guppy is now being used by the Tillamook Naval Air Station Musem to advertise it's existence. The "Erickson Air Crane" name has been removed and has been replaced with "Tillamook Air Museum." We can't think of a better way to draw attention to the museum. Bravo!! On the Beluga front... On December 11, 2000 Beluga No. 5 took to the air for it's first test flight. Beluga No. 3 has a new logo to replace the now missing "La Liberte." We'll bring you the first pictures as soon as we receive them.

October 7, 2000 "Meet the Loadmasters of 941!" The Loadmasters are responsible for the correct loading of the cargo NASA carries on the Super Guppy and making sure it arrives safely at it's final destination! In this update we get to meet them... We've added a new page off of the 377SGT page called "The Loadmasters of 941." On this page we'll be featuring the cargo they'll be loading in future flights. Be sure to check out the latest pictures including the T-38, the V131R (the non-flying prototype of the X-38) and many others soon to be featured. While you're on the Loadmasters' page, be sure to take a look at the recently completed painting of the Super Guppy taking on a load at Ellington Field, Texas by French artist Pierre Jodar!

September 30, 2000 "NASA's Super Guppy makes the cover of FLYING magazine!" When NASA sent the Super Guppy N941 to Oshkosh, Wisconsin for the 2000 AirVenture, they had to know it would make the biggest splash! Now the World's Largest Homebuilt has made the cover of the October, 2000 issue of FLYING magazine with two large photos inside. Stop by the 377SGT page to take a look at the larger version of this cover shot and the two other photos featured in the article. We have some special updates in the works which we'll be posting in the coming week, so be sure and stop back soon!

August 11, 2000 "Amazing what you can find in your garage after all these years!" We have just received this photo from a long-time Guppy fan, Al Muller, USAF, Ret. who at the request of the crew of NASA's N941, recently rediscovered this amongst some other photos he's taken! This photo, taken in early October, 1965, is the first color picture we've seen of the Super Guppy's final Velocity Dive on September 25, 1965. Stop by the 377SG page to take a look at the larger version of this photo. Oh, yeah... Be sure and stop by the "What if we" page to check out the B-747 Jumbo-Guppy. You won't want to miss this one!

June 29, 2000 "World's Largest Home-Built!"
News Flash! We have learned that NASA 941 will be one of the star attractions at this year's AirVenture, at Oshkosk, Wisconsin, July 25-August 1. If you're in the area, stop by and check it out. Beluga Number 5 is set to roll out of the factory this December. Check back for future updates on latest member of the family of Airbus transports. While you here, be sure to stop by the 377MG page to finally learn what Erickson carried in the Mini Guppy.

May 5, 2000 "Now we know!" We've just received some more photos of the Beluga No. 3 on static display at the Paris Air Show in 1999. These shots show in greater detail the special paint scheme applied to No. 3. Thus is answered the great mystery (at least to us and our readers), as to what the red and blue spots really are. They're... Sorry, you'll have to stop by the A300-600ST page to find that out!

March 10, 2000 "Beluga Aerobat?!" Today's a Beluga kind of day. There's lots of new photos of several of the Beluga fleet. There's even one of Number 3 showing it's stuff at the Paris Air Show performing aerobatics! Well, technically speaking it's aerobatics. Cool shot though. Stop by the A300-600ST page to see this and more!

February 5, 2000 "Open it again?!" The NASA 941 flew into Los Alamitos again this week. Twice! The crew has had a very busy week since leaving Houston on Monday. The guys on the crew left Houston on Monday to drop off a load and pick up another one from the Boeing plant here in Huntington Beach. We asked them what they were picking up. They said, "I don't know... It's big and pretty heavy, too." Other sources have confirmed it was the S-1 test article going to Houston for storage. The Guppy and crew arrived on Wednesday and during their ''day off'' on Thursday flew up to Travis Air Force base in Northern California on a goodwill tour.

The local C-5 Galaxy personnel were agape with the Guppy's unique capabilites on several fronts. According to the C-5 guys, the nose "has to open UP, it can't open any other way." It wasn't until the hinge on the SIDE of the fuselage was pointed out to them that they agreed that the nose might open differently. The C-5 guys were also impressed with the short amount of time it takes to load the Guppy (About an hour, if pressed), it's simplicity ("Only five hydraulic systems?") and of course, once the nose was opened, the Guppy's caverous interior dimensions. We've added a couple of new photos to "The Crew of 941" page. Stop by the 377SGT page to see the guys we missed last time!

December 19, 1999 "Take a Look!" Take advantage of a rare oppourtunity to look inside the Mini Guppy! We're proud to present a photo essay by Robert Boetke he shot during his visit to the Mini Guppy at Tillamook Naval Air Station Museum. When the Air Museum officials made a rare exception in Robert's case to tour the inside of the Mini, he brought his camera along to share the experience with us. Stop by the Mini Guppy page to take A Rare Tour of the Mini Guppy.

November 11, 1999 "A What?!" We're back and we've brought some interesting and outragious stuff with us! It's a CL-44 kind of day. Check out the AMERICAN AVIATION write up from 1969 on the CL-44 Guppy page. There's also an artist's rendition of what the CL-44 would look like during construction. Then stop by the What if we... page and check out the COLOSSUS! This was supposed to be a larger follow-up to the CL-44 Guppy. Oh yeah, don't miss the Heli-Guppy. That's right, the Heli-Guppy!

September 9, 1999 "Badges of Honor!" The Super Guppy flew many missions for NASA before the SG was finally retired. It became a tradition to add a sticker to the side of the SG for every mission that the Guppy flew the components for. And there were a lot of them. But don't just take our word for it, check it out for yourself on the 377SG page.

July 23, 1999 "La Liberté... At Last!" We've just received the pictures of Beluga No.3's special "La Liberté" paint scheme! When you look at the painting on the side of the Beluga, keep in mind the size of the canvas it's painted on! Look for it on the A300-600ST page. Don't miss the latest Beluga news... Airbus has proposed a novel "self-loader" for what could be a sixth and possibly a seventh Beluga as a part of the Royal Air Force's Short Term Strategic Airlifter (STSA) competition.

June 24, 1999 "A Rough Week!" Apparently the original Super Guppy was accidentally damaged recently when a Pima Museum worker (new guy) ran into the SG with a forklift... Ouch! The aileron was destroyed and the wing damaged. Stop by the 377SG page to see how it looked in late May 1999. While you're there, take a look at the damage that was caused to the rudder by a wind storm. The SG has had a rough year so far!

June 21, 1999 "What is Scale?" Here at All About Guppys, we've thrown our two cents worth into the hat regarding the age old question for the scale modeling community... What is Scale? This question is often asked when judging a model's flight performance. Our contribution is a video comparing our R/C Super Guppy and NASA 941 in almost identical fly bys that we've added to the Movie section on the "Evolution of the Super Guppy" page. The 377SG page has a new look! We've updated the title picture and added a picture seen here for the first time of the original NASA Super Guppy at Kennedy Space Center sporting a then new NASA paint job. Don't miss the orignal concept for the Pregnant Guppy on the ''What if we...'' page. And you thought the removable tail was complicated!

June 10, 1999 "Now That was Impressive!" NEWS FLASH! This morning at 9:15 a.m., NASA Super Guppy N941NA took off from Los Alamitos Army Airfield in California carrying the S-0 Truss and we were there! This 44-foot truss or spine is generally considered the 'heart' of the Space Station. In commeration of this historical event, we've added TWO new pages off of the 377SGT page! First meet the men who make the Guppy go on "The Crew of 941" page. The second is the "International Space Station" page. This is a page dedicated to bringing you information about the ISS. Oh, yeah... Don't miss the KILLER video of today's take off out of Los Al! If you've never watched the Super Guppy take off in close proximity. What a thrill! Look for the surprise too!

June 8, 1999 "The Day the Super Guppy Blew Her Top!" "MAYDAY! Mayday! Mayday! This is 1038 Victor, the 'Super Guppy,' in flight test over the Mojave Desert. We have had a major structural failure of the upper nose section in a maximum dive and are preparing for bailout!" Read the story of the day the Super Guppy's upper fuselage caved in during the final dive test in 1965 as told by the pilot Lt. Col. P.G. Smith in the April 1971 issue of AIR FORCE Magazine. Stop by the 377SG page to find out how the crew saved the day and the Super Guppy!

May 30, 1999 "Last Seen in 1967!" See what AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY has to say about the Mini Guppy. We've uncovered an article originally published in the July 3, 1967 issue of AW&ST which we have reproduced here! It has good technical information about the Mini Guppy and lots of new pictures. Look for the thumbnail link to the new series on the 377MG Mini Guppy page!

May 18, 1999 "La Liberté... By Super Transporter!" It took no less than the belly of an A300-600 ST Beluga, the world's most capacious aircraft, to air-lift from Roissy airport in France to Tokyo via Bahrein and Calcutta one of the world's most famous paintings which has hung in the Louvre in Paris since 1874! Coming soon! We interview Robert "Bob" Libman, the Certification Test Pilot for the Pregnant Guppy! Look forward to some great stories and new pictures too!

April 9, 1999 "Universal Guppy!" See who's really a bigger star... Jean-Claude Van Damme or the Mini Guppy. We've just added a clip from "Universal Soldier"; the only major motion picture to feature a Guppy! Stop by the 377MG page to see the Mini Guppy in it's small but very significant Hollywood debut! While you're there, check out the beautiful picture of the Mini Guppy in it's Erickson colors which we've just received.

February 28, 1999 "Will it loop the loop?!" When the NASA Super Guppy N941NA flew into Southern California on January 22, 1999 Orange County News was there with their cameras rolling! If you're asking yourself "Who is Orange County News?" Go to the 'Movies' section of the 377SGT page and check out the New "RealPlayer" additions! There's a downloadable RealVideo of the OCN coverage and also a streaming RealAudio interview with two of the pilots as they talk about flying the Super Guppy!

January 28, 1999 "What a shine!" Take a walk around NASA Super Guppy N941NA in a new QuickTimeVR movie we've just created! We met up with the crew of 941 during their first trip to California for the International Space Station program to see the Guppy sporting it's new paint scheme. Check out how good the Guppy looks from every angle in the "Movies" section of the 377SGT page!

January 15, 1999 "New Look for 941!" We've just added lots of really cool pictures of NASA's Super Guppy N941NA in her new colors! Shortly after 12:00 on January 6, 1999 the crew of NASA 941 piloted their freshly painted Guppy towards home in Houston, Texas and back to duty ferrying International Space Station components. Check out the before and after pictures on the "New Look for 941" page we've added off of the 377SGT page!

January 7, 1999 "New Year, First Look!" As you can see, NASA Super Guppy N941NA is sporting a shiny new look to carry her crew into 1999! It was early in December when Leading Edge, a commercial aircraft painter at the old Eaker AFB at Blytheville, Arkansas tackled the challenging job of polishing and repainting NASA's Super Guppy! In honor of the occasion, we're sporting a clickable link to a larger higher resolution version of the picture seen on the Main page. Look for many more pictures of NASA's Guppy's new paint job in the near future!

January 4, 1999 "New Year, New Look!" NASA Super Guppy 941 has gotten a new paint job! Over the last month or so, Leading Edge, a commercial aircraft painter at the old Eaker Air Force base has been busy repainting NASA's Super Guppy! We will bring you pictures of 941's new paint scheme as soon as possible. In the meantime, stop by the "What if we..." page to check out the six, eight, ten and even twelve-engine Guppys! While there, keep an eye out for the "B-52 Strato-Guppy."

December 20, 1998 "It's Still Flying!" We're back! Our web host folded one on December 15th with no word to their customers (read "us"). We're sorry for any inconvience this has caused our readers. We've recently received lots of new pictures of the CL-44-0 Guppy, now called the "Skymonster" in all of it's different paint schemes from the first to the last one! You will want to stop by the CL-44 Guppy page to check out these pictures!

December 15, 1998 "We're Back!!" We have returned! Our web host folded one on December 15th with no word to their customers (read "us"). We're sorry for any inconvience this has caused our readers. We've told you about the damage the original Super Guppy sustained during the terminal dive testing portion of the flight trials, now see it! Stop by the 377SG page to see just how big a hole it really was!

November 10, 1998 "You're not going to believe your eyes!" See the inside of NASA's Super Guppy N941NA from almost every angle! We've just added a QuickTimeVR Panorama taken from the cargo deck of 941 during the loading operations for the International Space Station Project! Check it out in the "Movie" section of the 377SGT page! See if you can spot the C-123 Provider in the scene. We have lots of very nice pictures of the Super Guppy's visits to California coming soon, we'll keep you posted.

October 14, 1998 "Parts, parts and more parts!" We have just received these fantastic drawings of the Beluga! There are many companies and people involved in building the Belugas. How many helicopters can you fit in a Beluga? Stop by the A300-600ST page to find out! We again must apologize for the lack of recent updates, but unfortunetly other projects have needed our attention. Rest assured, we will be adding more shortly.

September 12, 1998 "It was a bad situation!" Editor's note-We have decided that until the results of the investigation have been released, we will refrain from putting any details of the incident previously published here. We truly regret if any harm has come from this news item. Our intention was only to inform. Please accept our apologies. DS

August 20, 1998 "What a sight to see!" There's lots more to see of the Mini Guppy on the 377MG page! Check out the aerial photo of the "Mini" before it's meeting with the blimp hanger at Tillamook Naval Air Station Museum. A new link has also been added to the "Related Links" page. See how the Super Guppy looks from above. They also have pictures of lots of derelict B-52s. One even caught in the act of falling off a truck!

August 11, 1998 "Kinda Funny Looking!" We've just uncovered these pictures which show the difference between the XC-97 and the YC-97! See for yourself by stopping by the "Aero Spacelines' Stratocruisers" page. **Coming Soon** Very nice pictures of the Mini Guppy on the tarmac at Tillamook Naval Air Station Museum!

August 8, 1998 "Virtual Super Guppy!" Take a walk around NASA Super Guppy 941. A QuickTime Virtual Reality Moovie has been added which was shot while the crew of NASA 941 was preparing to pick up their historic first load for the International Space Station Project. View the SGT from all sides in the "Movie" section on the 377SGT page... It's almost like being there! **Bonus** More pictures of the original Super Guppy at Pima AFB has been added to the 377SG page!

July 20, 1998 "Take That!" A new animated GIF has been added to the title page (you might have already noticed) which shows NASA 941 being loaded with the first sub-assembly for the International Space Station Project! This series of pictures was taken on July 14th at Los Alamitos Air Field, California.

July 17, 1998 "Better Safe than Sorry!" The crew of NASA 941 was finally able to continue their mission to deliver the first sub-assembly for the International Space Station when they took off from MCAS El Toro, California today at 4:40pm. The crew wisely decided to land at MCAS El Toro, about 45 miles south of Los Alamitos Air Field, when a fire warning light came on shortly after take-off on Tuesday, July 14th. An attempt was made to depart yesterday, but a leaky pressure fitting keep them grounded until today.

July 15, 1998 "The Adventure has begun!" NASA 941 flew into Los Alamitos Air Field, California on Sunday July 12th to pick up it's first load for the International Space Station Project! The test article was flown out on Tuesday July 14th on it's way to Kennedy Space Center by way of Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Check out the latest pictures of the Mini Guppy at Tillamook added to the 377MG page!

July 7, 1998 "The World's Largest Flying Whale!" This just in! An in-flight video of the Beluga has been added to the A300-600ST page. A special note to our loyal readers... Our apologies for the slow-down in updates. We are currently researching more updates to be added shortly. Keep checking back!

May 10, 1998 "They didn't want it?!" A new retirement picture and more information about SGT No.2 has been added! Look for the latest info on the 377SGT page in the SGT No.2 section. Currently under construction is new website about the Goleta/Santa Barbara Air Heritage Museum.

April 27, 1998 "How much?!" We've just completed a major revision to the A300-600ST "Beluga" page! We've added lots of new artwork and pictures with some new information too. See it all on the A300-600ST page!

April 22, 1998 "Super send-off?!" We've obtained an original copy of Flight International's Holiday issue featuring Super Guppy No.3's last flight for Airbus and have rescanned the 3 page article in color to replace the original black and white images! Stop by the 377SGT page and look for the new ''Super send-off'' of No.3. New page coming! Currently under construction is a page about the Goleta/Santa Barbara Air Heritage Museum. They need our help!

April 17, 1998 "How Many?!" We've recently found some more rarely seen pictures of the prototype SGT during certification testing. Check out the pictures of the tuft tests on the 377SGT page. New page coming! Currently under construction is a page about the Goleta/Santa Barbara Air Heritage Museum. They need our help!

April 16, 1998 "More Just for Fun!" As you can see, we have a new title page animation. We've also added the same animation in an AVI video format that's larger in size and at a higher resolution for your viewing pleasure! Look for the new animation on the 377PG page in the Movies section. Coming soon.... More updates about Airbus' fifth Beluga and their four engine "Mega Transporter"!

April 7, 1998 "By a Nose!" More SGT construction pictures have been found! These photos detail some of the work ASI did to ready the nose sections of the 3rd and 4th SGTs. Look for them on the "Building the SGT" page (off the 377SGT page).

March 30, 1998 "Nothing Small Here!" A new page has been added detailing the planning and construction of the Super Guppy Turbines with lots of new drawings, pictures and information! Look for "Building the SGT" off of the 377SGT page. There's still tons more good stuff coming soon!

March 26, 1998 "The Smallest Guppy!" A new drawing of the Mini-Guppy commissioned by Aero Spacelines has been added! Look for it on the 377MG page. We still have lots more goodies in the works!

March 20, 1998 "The Uncommon Solution!" See one of the promotional brochures Aero Spacelines used to sell the "New" Super Guppy! It's on the 377SGT page along with a cargo hold size comparision added to the Drawings section.

March 15, 1998 "The Last Hurrah!" This just in! Read about Super Guppy No.3's last flight to Finkenwerder, Germany. Look for Flight International's 3-page article on the 377SGT page!

March 13, 1998 "Now that looks much better!" Check it out! Fresh off the e-boat from jolly ol' England... Pictures of SGT No.1 at the British Aviation Heritage in Bruntingthorpe! Look for them on the 377SGT page. Can you imagine making the Guppy a museum with exibits INSIDE?

March 11, 1998 "The World's Largest Airplane!" New technical drawings of the Super Guppy taken from the original ASI artwork has been added to the 377SG page. A very interesting promotional flyer has just been uncovered! We've added this to the 377SG page also.

March 4, 1998 "The Happiest Whale in the Sky!" Europe loves the Belugas! New paintings have been added which introduce the cartoon Beluga to this site. See the examples of Airbus' sense of humor about the "Great White Whale" of the sky on the A600-300ST page.

March 1, 1998 "Take a Look Inside 941!" Take a Virtual Tour of NASA 941! A new page has been added off of the 377SGT page with lots of new pictures! Look for "Inside 941" (click on the thumbnail of NASA 941 on the flightline). More still on the way!

February 24, 1998 "Building the Mini Guppy!" New pictures have been added detailing the construction of the Mini Guppy! See how ASI built the fuselage, and how little of the original C-97 fuselage they used. Stop by the 377MG page. Now that the Olympics are finished we will get back to our regular schedule of updates.

February 19, 1998 "Small Treasures in Many Places!" This is a tossed salad day! Stop by the 377SGT page to see the new pictures added there. See another picture of Erickson's Mini Guppy at Tillamook on the 377MG page. And yet another obscure drawing has been added to the ''What if we'' page.

February 13, 1998 "And on to Huntsville!" New pictures of the Pregnant Guppy have been uncovered! Stop by the 377PG page to see the Pregnant Guppy during the construction of the upper fuselage.

February 5, 1998 "Just in from Finkenwerder!" New pictures have been added showing SGT No.3 on display at the DASA plant in Finkenwerder, Germany! Go to the 377SGT page to see a first look at SGT No.3 since it's been retired. There's still lot's more to come!

January 30, 1998 "Johnson Space Center's Heavy Transport!" NASA's Johnson Space Center now has a web page online! See an Awesome movie with the in-flight film we told you about. There's also pictures of SGT 941 and lots of information about the International Space Station.

January 28, 1998 "Nose Prang!" New pictures have been added to the 377SGT page taken when SGT No.1's nosegear collapsed after running off the runway! Also, more drawings have been added to the ''What if we....'' page.

January 25, 1998 "You've Got to See This!" A brand new Guppy page has been put online with lots of Cool pictures never seen before! There's also another Morphing Guppy video. Stop by the Related Links page and go to the Goleta Air and Space Museum!

January 24, 1998 "Just for Fun!" Watch a Stratocruiser change into the Pregnant Guppy before your very eyes! See the newly created morphing video on the 377PG page. There's still lots more on the way!

January 20, 1998 "Spirit of Santa Barbara!" The first of many New pictures to come has been added detailing the history of the "Spirit of Santa Barbara"! Stop by the 377MG page to see the latest information.

January 17, 1998 "Steady Now!" New pictures have been added to the 377PG & 377SGT pages! Check out these pages to see some of the details that we've only talked about until now. More updates still coming!

January 14, 1998 "May 12, 1970!" Exclusive information and pictures about the 377MGT-1's accident taken directly from the official accident reports! Stop by the 377MGT-1 page to learn what really happened to the MGT. There's still lots more coming!

January 13, 1998 "Guppy Trivia!" There's more than the Pregnant Guppy's heritage in NASA Guppy 941! Stop by the the 377SGT page to see what we mean. New picture of Conroy's CL-44 Guppy just added, see it on the CL-44 Guppy page!

January 11, 1998 "Aero Spacelines' Stratocruisers!" See some of the Stratocruisers and C-97s owned by Aero Spacelines for use in their Guppy program! See it on the New "Aero Spacelines' Stratocruisers" page. Loads more still on the way!

January 9, 1998 "What if we...!" Check out the New "What if we..." page featuring artist's drawings for some of Aero Spacelines' aircraft you've seen before, and some you haven't! Lots more still coming!

January 3, 1998 "377MGT-1 Updates!" Lots of new pictures and information added to the 377MGT-1 page! You won't believe your eyes! Stop by the 377MGT-1 page. MORE still on the way!

December 31, 1997 "The Virgin Guppy!" See what the Pregnant Guppy looked like before it was the Pregnant Guppy! Only on the 377PG page. You can also see N1038V (377SG) before she met the welder's torch. Check the 377SG page. More GREAT stuff coming soon!

December 28, 1997 "NASA Super Guppy Updates!" The 377SG page has been extensively rewritten with lots of new historical information about the 377SG Super Guppy. Check it out on the 377SG page. Lots of new Guppy pictures and information coming soon. This stuff is GREAT!

December 27, 1997 "Super Guppy No.3 takes out 2 trees!" Super Guppy No.3 is now on display in front of the main entrance of the DASA assembly plant in Finkenwerder. With a fresh paint job to boot! For more details stop by the 377SGT page. Pictures of No.3 as it's displayed to be added soon.

December 23, 1997 "The MEGA Transporter!" First look at the MEGA Transporter! SATIC is considering the possiblity of an even BIGGER Super Transporter based on the A340-300 airframe. See it on the A300-600ST page.

December 17, 1997 "Mini-Guppy Updates!" See the 377MG Mini-Guppy as displayed at Tillamook NASM, new info added too. Check out the 377MG page!

December 14, 1997 "New Super Guppy Video!" Including take-off footage of SGT No.1 at Edwards AFB in California. Stop by the 377SGT page!

December 11, 1997 "Updated Pregnant Guppy page!" Huge revision of the 377PG Pregnant Guppy page. Almost completely rewritten with loads of information about the Pregnant Guppy's origins.

December 6, 1997 "More SGT Updates and New Links too!" New links to strange and faraway places have been added to the Related Links page. There are some real goodies in there. For the latest updates about NASA's acquisition of 941, stop by the 377SGT page.

December 5, 1997 "Fire!" Check out the new pictures and information about some of the Pregnant Guppy's mishaps. Stop by the Pregnant Guppy page to see the latest updates.

November 24, 1997 "Latest Pics of NASA's Super Guppy 941" Update! Check out the latest pictures of NASA's Super Guppy 941. Also an insider's look at the Guppy, giving more detailed information about 941. Stop by the 377SGT page for this and more!

November 21, 1997 "Updated Mini Guppy Turbine page!" A drive is under way to bring the original NASA Super Guppy 377SG, back to Santa Barbara, California as a memorial to Jack Conroy! Stop by the 377SG Super Guppy page for more details.
Update!..Check the 377MGT page, new information added about the tragic crash of the 377MGT.

November 19, 1997 "Super Guppy Goes Home!" (hopefully) A drive is under way to bring the original NASA Super Guppy 377SG, back to Santa Barbara, California as a memorial to Jack Conroy! Stop by the 377SG Super Guppy page for more details. And while your there, why not browse through the updated information just added!

November 15, 1997 "The Guppys Live On!" A CL-44 Guppy page has been added to this site! This is a new page with lots of information about Jack Conroy's last Guppy aircraft conversion. Conroy continued the Guppy legecy with the CL-44 Guppy, an outsize cargo aircraft based on the Canadair CL-44. More details inside.

November 13, 1997 "Okay now, lets get together on this" In order to ease any future confusion regarding NASA's original Super Guppy and NASA's new Super Guppy, this site will follow suit with Johnson Space Center in referring to Super Guppy #4 by it's N number; N941 ,NASA 941 or 941. 941 is currently undergoing refurbishment in preparation for it's new mission ferrying components for the International Space Station from around the world to the United States for final assembly.

November 5, 1997 "A well deserved rest!" Super Guppy #3 landed about one and half weeks ago in Finkenwerder, just outside of Hamburg, Germany. It is the first airplane and crown jewel in a small aviation museum near Airbus Industrie's final assembly plant for the A319/320/321. All other Airbus aircraft are assembled in Toulouse, France.

November 3, 1997 "So much for water conservation!" NASA's Super Guppy had it's first bath since landing in Houston. Can you imagine washing the Super Guppy? If you really wanted to punish someone, have them go after the Guppy with a toothbrush and buffing rag!

October 24, 1997 "Again?!... Roger that." The Guppy performed a series of touch and goes from Ellington Field, Houston, Texas with a T-38 flying chase during one flight for an in-flight photo session.

October 23, 1997 "Houston...The Guppy has landed!" October 23, 1997 Super Guppy #4 landed in Houston, Texas to a hero's welcome in preparation for it's new mission; ferrying components for the International Space Station Program.

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