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8/23/04 - CL-44-O Certification Flights courtesy of Barry Quince

Update from Barry -- 9G-LCA still at Bournemouth airport, but looking far from perfect. Still has not flown, just some engine runs. Has been moved to a part of the airport that aircraft seem never to get out of...

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8/21/04 - Joe Koski was nice enough to share his recollections and Kodachromes with us.

Joe writes, "When I was with the Army Corps of Engineers back in the late 60s, I was stationed at Vandenberg AFB, and a nearby commercial airport was Santa Barbara. Here are some Kodachromes I took on one of my flights from Santa Barbara. My guess is that it was during the winter of 68-69, although it could have been 69-70."

Thanks Joe!

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8/21/04 - We've Updated the links page with a simpler format. This page will be a works in progress. If you find a Guppy related web site that I missed, please email me the link.

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