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New Photo of the CL-44-O added

We have received another great photo from Barry Quince. This one appears to be just after take-off as the right main gear is still just visable in the photo.

We will be posting more photos as they are received.


New Info from Pregnant Guppy's Early Days

These updates are courtesy of Fred Austin, former Pregnant Guppy Loadmaster for ASI from 1963-1965. Fred was kind enough to send some personal snapshots taken during the addition of the parting mechanism; Jack Conroy and Pregnant Guppy crew; and a photo taken during the early tests of the parting mechanism.

Fred also sent more details about the time lapse video we added during the March, 2002 update. Fred wrote, "I believe those photos where taken at the FAA facility on Imperial Hwy at LAX. We were loading the boiler plate mockup of the Saturn S-4 Booster. It was the first time we had ever loaded cargo on the Guppy. And it was also the largest piece of air cargo ever loaded on an aircraft at that time."

CL-44-O Guppy takes to the air!

Seen below in Barry Quince's photo is the CL-44-O (9G-LCA), on short final prior to landing after the test flight.

SGT at the Dayton Air Show

Seen left is a photo taken at the 2003 Dayton Air Show We don't have any details, but more photos are to follow. Thanks guys!

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