A Rare Tour of the Mini Guppy.
A photo essay by Robert Baetke

This is the Stintson used to shoot the aerial shots presented here.

The Air Museun from the air. Note the Mini in the lower left corner.

Another aerial shot of the Mini in front of the museum.

An unusual shot of the Mini while in a steep bank in the Stintson.

Another angle.

Approaching the Mini.

In front of the Museum.

A 3/4 front shot.

A head on photo.

The Mini's nose.

Engine exhaust and cowl.

One of the musem curators.

Just inside the door of the forward lower deck looking back..

All of the comforts of home for those long cross-countries.

Looking forward towards the ladder leading up to the flight deck.

This is the view looking up the ladder at the engineer's console.

This is the engineer's console. The interior is in excellent condition.

The notebook and radio gear in the baggie are still on the desk.

This is from the rear of the cockpit looking forward. Note the blanked off upper windows.

The view of the flight deck from behind the pilot's seat. The view out the windows is excellent.

The pathway behind the engineer's console to the co-pilot's seat.

The view of the flight deck from behind the co-pilot's seat.

Our intrepid photographer sitting in the pilot's seat.

Looking at the Stintson from the pilot's seat.

Inside the cargo deck looking forward to the nose of the Mini.

Still looking forward, but standing near the back of the cargo deck.

The Mini is stored complete with a still working "Guppy pallet."

This is a detail shot of the hydraulic locking pins.

This shot is look back at the tail cone.

Looking forward from the rear lower deck.

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