"Hauling the Hulk"
We received this photo essay from Ron Jones. Here's his report:

Greetings! While at an airshow in Muscle Shoals, Alabama I heard on a handhead radio a position report of a Guppy that was inbound to the Muscle Shoals (Alabama) airport. Since the airshow was over the airport had just reopened and so my brother-in-law and I questioned each other about the transmission that we had just heard. We were surprised when in fact the Mini Guppy owned by Erickson landed in much the same way as in the video clip that you have on your web site.
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After taxiing to the ramp where we hangared our airplane we were invited to a self guided tour of this plane after the engines had shut down. I can't remember the exact date but it was in 90 or 91. The Guppy was at Muscle Shoals for several days as a crew dismantled a Skycrane and mounted it in a cradle which was then loaded in the Guppy for a flight to South America.
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Since the fuel hose wasn't long enough they had the ramp tug pull them closer to the fuel pumps. I don't recall how much fuel they took but when it was time to pull it back the tug didn't have the traction to move it. A bunch of us airport bums had to stand on the back of the tug to finally get the Guppy moving. The final shot is of the Skycrane with the logo "Incredible Hulk" on the nose, Several years later I was driving from Lake Tahoe, Ca. to San Francisco and stopped to watch a Skycrane hauling logs out of the mountains, clearly visible on the nose was the logo "Incredible Hulk".
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